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How to plan and manage projects and view tasks and milestones efficiently with Tuqqi?

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Working with Gantt allows you to admin a project on predefined schedules dynamically, and to manage long-term processes in one place. The Gantt chart shows dependencies between tasks and presents the key milestones of the project. The connection between tasks and the distribution of responsibilities among team members allow the process manager to be up-to-date and work cooperatively with the target to achieve the defined goals.

Creating a Gantt group

  1. Create a new group and select Gantt as the default view.

  2. Select the other group settings. You can read more about this topic in this article

Managing a Gantt group

Define the task groups that the project will have. Click on the three dots next to the project or group name, and select "Add new task group".

Create tasks

Create the tasks within the group that applies. Click on the three dots next to the task group name and select "Add new task".

Choose the data type, fill in the fields, select the start and end date and, if you want, the status of this task.

Considerations on task groups: both in the full view of the item and on your Kanban card, the assigned task group will be displayed so that you can easily identify it.

Those tasks that are not assigned a task group will have a predefined task group assigned to them.

Only from the Gantt view can you change the task group of a task by dragging and dropping.

Define the person responsible for performing this task.

Define the dependencies of this task. In the full view of the item, both predecessor and successor tasks will also be shown.

Create milestones

Do you know what a milestone is? it is an event that is important for the entire project. It is used to measure its progress and show how it approaches those goals that have been set.

Every item that has duration 0, which means the start date and end date in the exact same moment, are shown as diamonds on the chart and they are milestones.

About the view

Split your screen for your convenience

Switch to the Kanban view, visualize and manage tasks according to the status of your project tasks. You can see more details about Kanban here

You can also switch to the Reports view, which displays data in table format. To learn more about this, read this article.

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