The work group will manage one or more organizational processes together. Group members will be added in advance, and we can set their permission level.

A workgroup has two basic permissions to choose from:

The group can be open - where all users of the organization are exposed to the information entered, or a closed group - where only the group members will be exposed to the information.

To open a new group, go to the group's screen, the window will show the groups you are a member of.

Click on 'Add New Group'

Important guidelines and highlights:

On the first screen of the group settings, we will define a name for the group, describe it and attach a background image.

Additionally, on this screen, we will set the desired view for the group: Kanban, Feed, or Table.

In the second screen, we will define the group permissions -

  • Default Permissions - The group manager is exposed to all items and may edit them. Other users will be able to edit the information they have opened or information that they have editing permission on.

  • Co-Working - all users are exposed to all the information in the group and are allowed to edit everything - even the information that they did not upload.

  • Classified group (only when a group type is a closed group) - in this group there are two types of users, a classified user - sees only the items he is a member of, and an unclassified user - sees all the items in the group.

In a classified group after selecting the user, we will define whether he is a classified user or a not-classified user.

The choice of users is from the list of employees in the organization.

  • In the next screen, you can select the types of content (inputs) that you want to put in the group according to the default or new data types you have created in the system.

Kanban columns are defined after the group opens in the Kanban view:

The "New" column can not be edited and is fixed in Kanban.

  • Add a new column - Enter the desired column name in the Add Column panel, then click add lane.

You can delete the column in the three-point menu at the top of the column, and move it by dragging the column to the desired position between the columns.

You can enter information directly into the desired column, press "+" at the bottom of the column.

After arranging the columns according to your work process (each column will express a step in the process), it is important to set a color for each column. There are three colors (red, orange, and green) so red and orange colors will emphasize the status of the stage that has not yet been completed and require work.

Leave a group -

At any time you can leave a group you are a member of.

Clicking on the Leave group, in the left part of the screen below the list of group members, will allow you to leave the group.

Delete group-

Note that deleting a workgroup will cause the information in it to be deleted, so this should be taken into account when we want to perform this operation.

You can transfer the information to another workgroup by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the item, selecting the 'Transfer' option, then selecting the relevant group and the status (column) to which we want to associate the item.

To delete the group, go to the group settings and scroll down.

Click Delete Group and check 'Yes'. The group will be deleted immediately

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