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The Action Center

The Action Center enables you to follow all your items in one place, manage your tasks, and create personalized custom reports

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In your Action Center, you can keep track of all items related to you in one place.

When managing processes across multiple groups, the Action Center will allow you to see a consolidated view of all tasks grouped by various categories, and save personalized custom reports.


  1. Click on the "Action Center" button in the system menu on the main screen.

  2. Upon entering the Action Center, tabs for three default reports will appear, each with different filters:

    1. Agenda - Contains all your items, grouped by the due dates of each item.

    2. To sign - This report will contain items sent to you for reading and signing.

    3. To do - This report will contain all your items, grouped by your workgroups.

Quick Action Buttons and Filters

  1. Group by... - Clicking this button will quickly group your items by various categories such as groups, due date, datatype, rating, status color, and item members. Each grouping will divide your items into separate tables according to your selected grouping

  2. Collapse and Expand - These buttons will allow you to collapse or expand the view of the groups in the selected view.

  3. Global filters: those are filters that will apply to all the tables that are shown in the action center. In each one of the tables you can also apply other specific filters. You will easily recognize when a global filter is applied. In all the cases, you can click on "Apply" or out of the modal and your filters will automatically be applied. Also, you can quickly select all the options to manage them. The global filters are:

    1. Filter by item members - This allows you to filter and see items from other users in the system, for example, to see all tasks of your team members.

    2. Filter by groups - With this button, you can view the items that belongs to a specific group

    3. Filter by datatype - You can select the specific form you want to see. Inside each table you can also filter by datatype

    4. Filter by status color - This filter will display the status colors you have in your workspace.

    5. Filter by due date - This filter will allow you to choose to see items that are set for a specific date or within a date range of your choice.

    6. Filter by linked items - This way you can filter only items linked to another item. For example, to see all tasks related to a specific project or all inquiries from a specific client, and more.

4. Report Save Buttons

  1. First, save changes to your current report.

  2. Create a new report based on the existing report.

  3. The gear icon allows you to edit and share the current report, including its title and description.

Note: the default saved reports (Agenda, To Do, and To Sign) are not editables nor deletables, you can create new ones and play with them!

Customized Report Saving:

Using the filtering and grouping buttons, you can create a customized report to focus on the specific items you want to track.

For example, to see tasks related to a specific project and assigned to a specific employee, follow these steps:

  1. Filter by the relevant group name in the group filter.

  2. Select the relevant user in the user filter.

  3. Define the status colors you want to see.

  4. Now in the displayed table, you can choose which columns will appear and their order.

  5. In the final step, save the report using the save button.

Editing and Sharing an Existing Report

When you select an existing report, you can edit the filters or change the columns in any table, their order and width, and share it.

After editing the report, you can click the save changes button in the current report.

Additionally, you can edit the report's name and description by clicking on the report settings button.

The system admin can share the saved report and all the org members can view it

In the settings, you can also delete the report from your report list. It should be clarified that when deleting a customized report, only the way items are displayed in the Action Center is removed. The items themselves are not deleted.

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