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How to use labels in the system
How to use labels in the system

The labels in the system will help you organize your information according to your work groups.

Written by Ella Inbar
Updated over a week ago

Group labels:

Every group can be assigned labels (labels) according to its work process.

The labels will display more information about the items in the group, so you will be able to see what is important to you at that moment.

By using the filter tool to the right of the search bar, in the category search by labels, you can target the search by the label. By doing so, you can filter the display (kanban or report) according to a relevant label.

Defining labels in a group - Click on one of the items> Select Labels> Set the Name and Color of the Label> Click Save.

The selected label will appear on the post after saving and exiting the label selection window.

Organizational labels:

You can create labels that can be used by all of your work groups, thereby creating a common language for tagging information and tasks.

Setting up corporate labels - go to the system settings screen (admin)> select "Content management"> click on the "Create a corporate label" button> Set name and color to the label> Click Save.

Now the label will appear in all information details for all groups.

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