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Introduction to the Kanban View inside a Group
Introduction to the Kanban View inside a Group
Configure the Kanban view inside a group - Add lanes, statuses, labels and more
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For your convenience, you can change the view of a group (feed, kanban, reports, or Gantt) from the left-hand menu inside the group. The default view will be configured by the member who opened the group.

Kanban view:
When in kanaban view, the items will be represented visually on the kanban board, allowing team members to see the state of every piece of work at any time. Kanban is a popular framework used to implement agile software development. It requires real-time communication of capacity and full transparency of work.

Define the lanes:

  • The lanes usually represent the status of the cards or you might think of a lane as an entire project and the cards below are sub-projects or tasks.

  • The 'unassigned' lane is a default and cannot be modified. 

  • Add a new lane - simply click on 'Add lane' (always at the top-right of the lanes), type the name of the lane, and click to add it.

  • Delete lane - click on the more options menu of the lane and you will find the delete option.

  • Move lane - click on the lane title and drag the lane.

  • Add a new item in the lane - click on the '+' at the bottom of the screen right below the lane you would like to add the card to. 

  • Delete item - on the item more option you can delete it.

  • Move item to another lane - click and drag the item to another lane.

Add labels:

  • You can add labels to the cards by clicking on the more options menu on the card.

  • The labels provide additional details and also can be used for filtering purposes.

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