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Customizing the main system menu
Customizing the main system menu

How to display categories in the left-side menu of the Home Feed

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From the Home Feed, the system's left-side menu can be edited and modified according to the changing needs of the organization. Admins in the system may customize, for all users, a unique display menu with relevant icons.

Different categories can be created with relevant associations and sub-topics that will help the user be exposed to the work groups and/or information details in a pre-defined order, thus connecting them to the organizational work processes in a more visual way.

The use of categories makes it possible to gather workgroups or information, which are associated with a larger process in the organization, under one roof. The different categories will have an arrow that can be opened and closed on the left side, so you can get a clear and schematic picture of the processes that are related to each other.

See the red box around the arrows that symbolize the categories:

In order to configure the display options according to the required needs of your organization, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Go to the Admin Settings in the options menu on the right, on top of the user icon (or in the left menu of the Home Feed, select Admin)

  2. Select Navigation

  3. Create a category or new menu item by clicking NEW MENU ITEM

At this point, you can create your own category and/or menu item. It should be noted that, by default, clicking on NEW MENU ITEM will display a base category called "Main". You should leave this option selected when you want to create an individual menu item, i.e., a group, item, or external link that does not respond to any other category or, in other words, belongs to the same category as the traditionally known options: Favorites, My Profile, Organizational Chart, etc.

Creating a Category

  1. Turn on the 'Is category' option

  2. Enter the category name

  3. Set an icon for the selected category

  4. Place the order in which the selected category appears in the desired position in the left menu. Define the first category below the number 1

  5. Save the changes

Creating a Menu Item

You now have 3 types of shortcuts that can be organized under the selected category:

  • Group

  • Item

  • External Link

  1. Click on NEW MENU ITEM

2. Select the desired option in the Type field:

3. Choose to which Category the created item will belong to

For a Group

a. Select the desired group (Item title field will be completed automatically with the name of the group)

b. Select an appropriate icon

c. Set the order in which the group appears on the Category

For an Item

a. Select the desired item (Item title field will be completed automatically with the name of the item, you can change it later)

b. Select an appropriate icon

c. Set the order in which the item appears in the category

For an External Link

a. Copy and paste the desired link (URL)

b. Type a title that represents the copied link

c. Select an appropriate icon

d. Set the order in which the link appears in the category

4. Save changes!

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