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Editing an Item

Almost anything can be done within an item

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There are different ways to access the Full View of an item, where you can perform different actions for editing it on Tuqqi

  • From the Home Feed: By clicking on any area within the Item Preview, you will be able to access it or by clicking the right three-dots menu and choosing the 'Full view' option.

Item Preview

Three dots menu

  • From Groups: This is where most of your items will be located. How to open them in each case will depend on the view you are using.

    • FEED: Same process as the Home Feed.

    • KANBAN: Lines show the list of items in preview mode. Click on the card area to access the full view.

    • TABLES (REPORTS): The list of items present in the group will be displayed. Simply click on the title of the item, under the 'Name' column.

  • From Notifications: click on the purple link that identifies the item title.

  • From Chat: Once the comment thread representing the item in question has been selected, the icon at the top left (as shown below) will open the item in full view.

  • From My Page: Same as Home Feed.


1) Basic edition

Like working on Tuqqi Web, by opening an item on Full View you can:

  • Change item title

  • Change Group and Status

  • Edit Labels

  • Manage Members

  • Set a Due Date

2) More Actions

  • Click on the MANAGE button to link existing items on the system

  • To attach files (multimedia, PDFs, etc.), click on the +UPLOAD NEW button

  • To add a new Checklist click on the +ADD NEW button

  • With the Tuqqi App, you can approve an item requested for Read&Confirm

  • Learn more about Comments in the following link

Rating: You can rate each item according to its priority/importance (option must be enabled on Admin Settings)

3) Quick Actions Menu

Next to the item title, a three-dot menu will be shown, which gives the user access to different options:

Quick Actions Menu

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