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Tuqqi for Admins
Tuqqi for Admins

Features and settings specific to admin users

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Tuqqi for AdminsFeatures and settings specific to admin users
How can I invite a member to my account? How can I edit an existing user?As an Admin, you can add a new user or edit the details of an existing user. Make sure all the users in the platform are active.
How to resend an invitation to a user? Forgot your password??How to login to your account
How to set your Organization's Logo in the systemIn just a few steps you can add your organization's logo so that it will be displayed in the system
Customizing the main system menuHow to display categories in the left-side menu of the Home Feed
Data TypesIntroduction to creating and customizing forms according to your organization/team workflow needs.
Assign a datatype to a groupWhat is the 'Select default group' field in the creation of a datatype?
Condition Fields in data type
AnalyticsIntroduction to accessing user usage data in the admin 'Analytics'.
Restore a deleted itemIn this article you can read how to restore an item of information that has been deleted from your work environment
LogsIntroduction to the organizational logs
ScoreboardIntroduction to the scoreboard
Topics & TagsIntroduction to topics and user tags
Organizational PreferencesIntroduction to the organizational settings
BillingIntorduction to manage your billing information.
How to delete a user?How to delete users from your desktop
Sponsored ContentPromoting organizational content on the main screen of the system
Calculated fieldsWhat is a calculated field and how to use it?
Manage your teamsIn the admin board you can create and manage different teams that will make everything easier