Familiarize yourself with the navigation interface and use it to add shortcuts that will make your daily work easier

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The Launchpad screen allows you to navigate the way to the workgroups, fixed items, and system-built options. You can choose the categories and information that will appear in your Launchpad and in your personal menu, thereby focusing on your personal day-to-day processes.

Pressing Command + K will open the 'Important Links' menu on Mac computers or pressing Control + K will open the menu on Windows. You can also click on the four-squares icon on the top-right of your Tuqqi page.

Creating a Category

  1. Click Edit on the bottom-left of the menu

  2. Click on 'Add new category' and fill-in a name for the Category

3. Press enter or click 'Save'.

4. Search for and select the desired elements by clicking Add. You can add subcategories by workgroups, information, contacts, etc. To remove an element, click on it and select 'Delete'.

5. Click the back arrow to return to the main menu of the Launchpad. Now, your new Category will appear.

To remove a Category, click Edit and the trash icon on the right side of the Category.

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