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Posting files in the system
Posting files in the system

How to share files in your Tuqqi environment

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File sharing only

  1. Click the option to share the information in the Feed, or the relevant workgroup (make sure that a single file format is included in the desired group settings):

2. Click the attachment icon and select the image from your PC. If you have chosen to share the information using the feed sharing option, you can mark after you have selected the desired file, where you want it to be published - in 'public' or in one of the workgroups of which you are a member- and have a data entry format defined in the file settings.

3. Write a short description of the information and publish the file:

[video-to-gif output image]

Attaching a file inside an Article

  1. Select "Article" in the system information sharing window:

2. You can start writing the text of the article, when you want to share a file or image within the text click on the three dots at the top right of the article.

3. Clicking on the image or file icon will allow you to insert them into the article.

From the Chat

  1. Enter the Chat Menu and select the relevant conversation

  2. Click on the file upload icon and attach the desired file

3. Click the send button. If necessary, you can type text and send:

Note that the file will also be attached to comments on the item since the chat and comments are synchronized in the system.

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