The Chat View in the Group

The chat system within the group provides a platform that fosters communication and collaboration among its members

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From the group's left menu, users can access the chat view, which is based on the structure of Tuqqi Talk.

The chat view within the group presents three distinct types of conversations, each designed to meet specific needs:

Group Chat

At the top of the chat view is the group chat, where all members can interact with each other. This space is reserved exclusively for group members and allows them to exchange text messages, share files, multimedia, and emojis. The primary purpose of this chat is to facilitate collaboration and provide an efficient means of sharing information and having discussions relevant to the group as a whole.

Chats about Items within the Group

This type of chat is directly related to specific items within the group. It gathers relevant conversations that are linked to these particular elements, enabling members to discuss and collaborate on specific topics in an organized manner. In groups with default permissions and coworking spaces, all members can access and participate in these conversations, promoting greater transparency and collaboration within the group.

Private Conversations or Direct Chats

In addition to group conversations, members have the option to engage in private conversations with each other. These direct chats provide a more intimate and personalized space for discussions that may not be relevant to all group members. They facilitate one-on-one communication and allow for the discussion of private or specific matters without external interference.

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