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Comment & Chat from the App
Comment & Chat from the App

Improve communication with your colleagues by using the comments and chat functions in the application

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As part of the day-to-day work routine, employees must update and document what is being done under their area of ​​responsibility. This can be documented by adding a comment at the bottom of the item or through the Chat screen.

Adding a comment from the Item Full View

Open any item you would like to comment on. The item will open for full viewing with a comment entry bar at the bottom of the screen:

  • You can attach a file or image by clicking on the paperclip on the left of the comment line. You can choose to include an accompanying text before publishing the item.

  • You can tag another user in a comment, by writing @ and the first letter of the user.

To share the comment, click on the triangle on the right of the comment line.

Adding comments from the Chat

In any of the Bottom Menu options, you will find on the top screen the icon for Chat:

Like working on a PC, the chat thread will open automatically after you type the first comment on an item. If you are a member of an item or have been tagged in a comment, you will see the chat. The chat thread is a full reflection of the comments on the item.

You can leave a comment on any conversation that interests you by following the same procedure as you would if you were commenting on an item itself. You can also attach files and tag users.

You can learn more about the Tuqqi Talk features in web in this article.

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