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In the admin board you can create and manage different teams that will make everything easier

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Before creating a team, you may want to learn what is it and why it is useful

How to create a new team?

  1. Go to the teams tab from your admin board

  2. Click on the top right button "Create team"

  3. Team information: some basic information about the team

    1. Upload an avatar or choose an icon that will identify your team

    2. Type your team name and tag. The tag is important for mentioning the team, this is editable only when the team is being created

    3. Choose a team color: in the system, there will be team labels and icons, this will make it easier to recognize the team

  4. The team: here you can manage your team members

    1. Click on the "Add to Team" button

    2. Select all the team members and click on "Apply"

    3. Check the list of users that will be part of this team. If you need to delete someone, use the trash icon. If you need to add someone else, you can use again the "Add to Team" button.

  5. Last, but very important: save your changes! On the top right, click on the "Create team" button. You will automatically go to the teams page and will see the new one at the bottom of the list.

How to edit a team?

From the list of teams and there are two ways to edit a team, depending on what you want to do:

  • If you want to quickly add members or delete the team, you can do it from the buttons on the right side of the team in the list.

  • If you want to edit the team name, icon, photo, color, or add or remove team members, just click on the team row in the list and it will open the team view. From there, you can do whatever you need almost like when you've created the team ("almost" because the team tag is not editable at this instance)

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