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Introduction to the Tuqqi App
Introduction to the Tuqqi App

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Welcome to the Tuqqi App! No matter where you are, you can access our system as if it were your computer. The app's available on App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Log In

Enter your email address and password to access your account:

After the login, by default, the Tuqqi Home Feed will open:

At the bottom, you will see six options available in the app:

  • Feed: See updates and recent work in your company in real time.

  • Groups: The workspaces where you will manage all your processes, projects, and the management of knowledge generated in your organization.

  • Actions: Your pending tasks, items to read and confirm, and more are summarized here.

  • Notifications: The system sends live notifications for different reasons, such as items you have created, activity on any item within a group you are a member of, etc.

  • Create: A simple and efficient way to share items.

  • Menu: A shortcut that will allow you to access some sections in the system like 'My Reports,' 'Help Center,' and 'Log Out.'

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