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Read & Confirm Notifications
Read & Confirm Notifications

How to Complete and Review Read & Confirm Notifications

Written by Aly Grodsky
Updated over a week ago

Anyone who has created an item has the ability to send it to other users and require them to read and review the item. This is extremely helpful for managers because it allows them to remind and assign employees tasks. Read & Confirm notifications give users the ability to oversee projects they have assigned and the progress that has been made on them.

Receiving Notifications: In order to complete a “Read and Confirm” notification, you need to follow these steps.

  1. First, when you receive the notification it will look like this.

  2. To view this notification you can either click on “VIEW ALL” or go to “My Reports” in the left-hand column.

  3. From there, this screen will pop up - make sure the drop-down menu says “Pending - Read & Confirm”.

  4. Next, you can click on this item and scroll down to see a place where you can confirm you have read the item.

  5. Finally, you will click “Approve”. After you click “Approve” you will be able to go back to this item in the “Signed Items” section of the drop-down menu on the top of your screen in the “My Reports” section.

  6. You can add a digital signature to your approval by going to user preferences. Click “Edit Profile,” scroll down to the signature section and create your own signature by drawing with your mouse pad.

  1. Sending a Notification: In order to give an item the “Review and Confirm” status, you should create the item and click the three-line menu icon in the top right of your item. Then click, “Read and Confirm.” Select the employee you would like to read and confirm the item.

    In turn, you can withdraw a request to a user to Read and Confirm an item (if it is no longer needed) or send a reminder to another colleague through the comments, without affecting the requests of the other users previously selected in the list.

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