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How to navigate through the Tuqqi App
How to navigate through the Tuqqi App

First steps on our Mobile App

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The Tuqqi App allows you to manage organizational work processes similar to a cloud interface, in a convenient, simple, and mobile way

In this article, you will get to know the Home Screen of the application and the basic tools that are accessed there, and how to navigate to the various system screens.

Home Screen (Feed)

In order to provide an efficient and effective user experience, the app utilizes what is known as the Bottom Menu, which consists of the following six elements:


The feed button will take you back to the public feed screen where you can be updated on the latest work updates made in the organization.


List of your workspaces where you will manage all your processes and projects, as well as your organization's knowledge management.


Here you can view your pending tasks from the various work groups and update the status of your tasks and items.


Receive alerts about the activities done in the system that concerns you like when another user tags you on an item, comments on a post that belongs to you, etc.


The create button at the bottom of the screen allows you to create new items and publish them directly in the relevant workgroup or in the Feed.


Similar to the Tuqqi left menu on the Web platform, this option allows you to:

  • Enter to My Page (User profile)

  • Make Reports

  • View your favorites items in the system

  • Access the Organizational Library

  • Open the Org Chart

  • Go to the Help Center to review articles about the system

  • Visit your Organization Settings (for Admins)

  • Log out from Tuqqi App

In addition, you will find other tools inside the App:

  • Search Bar: Click the search button 🔍 located in the upper right corner of the screen and look up any information that may be relevant to you. Groups, users, trends, and more!

  • Chat: This is a key part of the platform. You’ll find the chat button in the upper-right corner. Instead of searching for the post and sharing your comment directly on it, simply navigate into the chat section, find the chat thread (it will be open automatically after you leave your first comment on the post itself), and message your colleagues instantly.

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