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The right way to ask question in the Feed
The right way to ask question in the Feed

How does the system tag a question and how can it help me?

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When a user asks a question in the Main Feed, the system uses advanced search and auto-tagging capabilities that aim to get the best answer for the questioner.

In the following example, you can see how a question is published in the Feed and the automatic tagging for users performed by the system, about which we will receive an alert on the alerts screen.

The relevant members of the organization are tagged in accordance with their roles in the company in relation to the question, and in accordance with the details of the information they have published related to the information requested:

In the following example you will see the responses along with a small square on the left. The square allows the questioner to mark the correct answer or the answer that helped him the most. By doing so, other users in the organization who are looking for similar information will be able to get the most appropriate information or answer:

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