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How can I tag (@) my colleague?
How can I tag (@) my colleague?

Tag a colleague on a post/comment and make sure they stay up to date and get a notification

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By tagging a user in the comments, they will stay up to date and receive notifications about any changes made to the item.

You can tag a user in the comments section of an item so they get a notification. Then, within the comments section they can respond and have a professional conversation with others related to this item.

Tagging will not add the item to their To-Do list, unlike adding them as a member of the item. A person can be tagged without being a member of the item.

Option one:

Select a post on the system you would like to tag a user on -

In the comment bar, add @ and the first letter of the user's name. The list of users' names in the organization will now open, select the desired user and click on it.

The system will send an alert to the user who is tagged on the post and add them to the chat.

Option 2:

When you add a post of any kind, user tagging can be in the text of the post.

Enter @ and the first letter of the user, now the list of users in the system will open

Select the desired user. When you publish the post, they will be notified.

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