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The feed is personal and acts as the home page of the system. Scroll down through the feed and stay up to date with all the activities in your organization. The system is using a smart algorithm that knows what items to push to your feed: according to groups you are involved, knowledge channels you are following, your tasks, events, and more.

On every item, you can:

  • See the item type (article, poll, contact and etc.).

  • Who publishes it and who the other members engaged in it are.

  • Where the item is being posted - public or inside a group. 

  • Comment on the item.

Inside the feed, you will be updated on the latest activities created in the organization, where you will find the latest updates and actions of co-workers.

When scrolling down the feed, you will notice the message 'You're All Caught Up', the message will appear when the user has viewed all the actions documented in the organization and all the latest information shared.

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