Checklists and Subtasks

The system allows you to manage sub-tasks in the system. Task management will always be linked to a particular post.

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Sub-tasks on an item of information help users document a sequence of actions, or tasks attached to the execution that are done in connection with the item of information. The sub-tasks will be added in a checklist to the main item and it will be possible to measure the duration of their execution time.

To add the checklist, expand the view to full view, click on the action menu, in the upper right part of the information item, and choose the checklist option.

Actions on the checklist

Clicking on the three dots in the right part of the checklist will open the details of the actions:

Title change: you can set a title for the checklist, add subtasks as needed.

Expand/collapse: You can expand/collapse the checklist display by clicking on the arrow in the upper right part of the checklist.

Converting the checklist tasks to...: You can convert all the entries in the checklist to new information, according to the type of form you want and the relevant group.

Deletion: Deletion of the checklist.

Adding tasks

  • To add a new task, write the name, pressing enter will add the record, pressing enter+shift will allow you to move down a line.

  • You can tag other users on them, if there are any, so that they can understand the division of responsibilities between them. To tag a user, start writing @ in the task bar and the user's name, now the list of users in your organization will open and you can select the user you want to tag, after the selection press space and write down the content The task, after publishing the task the user will receive a notification that you have defined a new task for him.

  • When the tasks are done, you can mark a 'V' on the square to the left of the task and see the task execution display colored in purple.

You can add several checklists for each item of information according to the topics of the various sub-tasks, in the same way you attached a checklist before.

In this way, each task always receives a relevant context and the information is already there so that you can perform the task.

Additional actions on the entries in the checklist

Each entry in the checklist has an action menu in the right part, clicking on the three dots will open the menu:

  • Attach a file: You can attach files of any type under the entry in the checklist.

  • Time tracking on the applications: In order to record the duration of the task, they chose the time tracking option. Set the start date and time. Define the amount of time it took to complete the task.

Clicking save will add the duration under the entry in the checklist.

On the side of the title of the checklist will appear a summary of all the working hours recorded in this checklist.

  • Converting a record to a new item: You can convert the record to a new item in the system. We will use this option in case the record requires a specific reference, and it is required to be assigned to another user and has a separate due date.

    Clicking on this option will open a window where you can choose the type of form, the group in which you will share the information item and the status.

    In addition, you can decide whether to link the new item to the current item, in order to preserve the context between the information details/tasks

  • Change title: edit the record.

  • Delete: delete the record.

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