A sub-task helps users organize a sequence of actions, or a list of tasks that need to be completed, for an item. Sub-tasks will be listed within a checklist in addition to the main task, and a timer will be available to track their completion.

You can add a checklist of sub-tasks to each post in the system. To add the checklist, open the post for full view, click on the action menu, at the top right of the post, and select the option to add a checklist.

Clicking on this option will add a checklist at the bottom of the post, before the comments.

You can set a title for the checklist, add sub-tasks as needed, and also tag other users on the tasks.

To tag a user start writing in the taskbar @ and the username in English, now the list of users in your organization will open and you can select the user you want to tag, after selecting, click the space and write the task content. After the task is published the user will be notified that you have defined a new task.

When the tasks are completed you will see the task execution view painted in blue.

Similarly, you can add a number of checklists to each post according to the topics of the various subtasks, just as you did with the previous checklist.

Each task will have the relevant context and the information already existing so that you can complete it smoothly.

Attach files

Each Checklist task can have one or more files associated with it. Simply click on the Attach button on the right side of the task to add photos, documents or videos:

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