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How to share an item from the Feed
How to share an item from the Feed
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Information sharing is the basis for collaborative work in the system and helps users in the organization update and keep up to date with information

Inside Tuqqi, before sharing an item, we will choose where we want to publish it:

Sharing items in the public feed/open group: the information is available and open to all users.

Sharing items in a closed group: The information will be disclosed to group members according to user permissions.

Please note that sharing to the feed will present the information to all members of the organization, but the information will not stay for long as the Feed is updated regularly.

How we can share an item in the Feed?

In the Bottom Menu, we select the Create button, which is a shortcut to quickly publish an item in the system.

After clicking on it, on the Add to modal, we must first select where we want the data type to be published (Feed or a particular group). Then, we will return to the next menu to choose the desired data type:

We select the data type we want to post. Then, we fill out the fields and we click on SHARE:

It is worth mentioning that the Data Types we want available in the Public Feed for publication must be selected in the Admin Settings.

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