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Interacting with Other Users
Interacting with Other Users

How to communicate with other users

Written by Aly Grodsky
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Interacting with Other Users

  1. Commenting: Scroll down the feed and find the post you would like to comment on.

  2. At the bottom of the post, you can see if others have already commented. You can then review their comments or leave your own.

  3. Simply type your comment by clicking ‘Add new comment’, you can also

    attach a file or photo, then click 'Post'.

  4. Chat Section: This feature is meant to manage professional discussions on specific items/topics/posts. Instead of searching the post and sharing your comment directly on it, simply navigate into the chat section, find the chat thread (as mentioned, it will open automatically after you leave your first comment on the post itself), and chat with your colleagues instantly. Additionally, chat threads are automatically added based on any comment threads you contribute to or are tagged in.

    1. Review all the professional discussions you were involved in.

    2. Find which colleagues are on this chat thread and invite others.

    3. Open a chat video, with up to 4 members.

    4. By clicking on the more options menu (located in the top right corner of the chat thread), you can easily navigate to the original item.

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