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About the Chat functionality inside the system

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Tuqqi allows you to collect all the conversations that are important to you in one place and conduct discussions about them via instant messaging through a chat.

It opens automatically after commenting on the details of any item, with the users tagged on it, so that the professional discussion is specific to that item with the relevant users.

From the Home Feed, you can see all the latest responses to your items by clicking on the chat icon:

View chat & Quick reply options

Hovering over any chat will display the following options:

  • View chat: is a quick shortcut that will take you to the specific conversation in Tuqqi Talk

  • Quick reply: You can quickly reply to the last message without entering the conversation

View all (Tuqqi Talk)

By clicking on the View all button, you'll be redirected to the Tuqqi Talk Menu. All your items threads are arranged according to the order of responses within the discussion and according to the date of the last response:

When you open a conversation, you can see on the right the users who are in the discussion. Also, you can tag other users and add them to the conversation. All the files attached to the chat/comments will also appear on the right, below the list of participants:

You can go to the full view of the item by clicking on the three-dot menu in the upper right part of the conversation, or by clicking on the title of the item at the top:

You can open a private conversation with another user by clicking on the "pencil" icon in the title at the top left of the screen:

Within your conversations, you can delete or save selected messages and return to them later. Beyond the "Saved Messages" option will allow you to see all your saved messages:

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