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From Tuqqi, you can view all your conversations with your colleagues on a single screen. They will always be in real-time, you can attach files, and you can configure your preferences to receive notifications.

One quick way to access is from the top bar. From there, you can view the chat or respond quickly. You can also go to Tuqqi Talk or use the "View All" button.

In Tuqqi Talk, the screen where you see all your conversations, you'll find direct and private messages with your colleagues, messages from the groups you belong to, and comments on the items you observe. All these conversations will be ordered from most recent to oldest.

In all cases, typing a message, attaching files, using emojis, and quickly sending it with keyboard shortcuts is easy.

On the right side of the screen, you'll have access to chat information: the members participating in it, and the attached files. By default, it will be expanded, but if you need more comfort, you can minimize it.

Private Messages

A private message is a one-on-one conversation with any user in the organization. Only the two participants in this conversation can see it and participate in it.

To start a new chat from Tuqqi Talk, select the pencil icon and the user.

Group Chat Messages

Each group has an internal conversation in which all members can participate, discussing internal group issues. Note that only group members, regardless of their role, can see this chat.

Messages on Items

Each comment on an item is synonymous with a message in the item's chat. The same conversation can be seen at the bottom of the full item view and in Tuqqi Talk.

When you mention someone, that person will automatically become an observer of the item and can participate in it.

Saved Messages

The first chat that will appear on your list is "Saved Messages". Here you can send messages to yourself and access them easily.

Also, in each conversation, you can save messages to view them later. To do this, you must select the button to save messages.

Mentions and Group Access

In any chat, you can mention a user. Just start typing @ and you'll see the list of users. Always keep in mind that they can only view and participate in the discussion if they have permission to do so. For example, if I am NOT a member of the group where the item is, I won't be able to see it or be part of the chat.

You can also facilitate easy access to a group for other chat members. To do this, start by typing /

The same goes for tags and trends. You should start by typing #.

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