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Types of Items

Description of the different items

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Types of Items (Default)

  1. Post:

    1. Share what's on your mind easily & quickly with others. You can easily drag & drop files or copy links.

    2. Keep in mind that a post is not editable once you publish it.

  2. File:

    1. Attach any file on your computer to an item so that you can easily access it on Tuqqi at any time.

  3. Question:

    1. If you are looking for help on a specific topic and are not sure who is the right colleague to assist you, you can write and share your question within the platform. The system will analyze the topic and will automatically ask the five experts among your colleagues to assist you.

    2. Users can post questions in the public feed or in private groups

    3. Questions serve as a type of survey so other users can respond to what is being asked.

  4. Article:

    1. Very useful if you want to share long text, content, and different types of media. You can edit the article at any time, provide relevant titles, draw a table, design your text with the dedicated toolbar, and add videos, images, and links.

    1. Get your members' opinions on a particular topic. Social collaboration is a great way to engage employees.

  5. Contact:

    1. Create a contact card for any person important to your firm

    2. Include information about the client including contact information, profile picture, the company they work at, and more.

  6. Company:

    1. Create a company contact card to organize all the information you would need about an organization you are partnered with.

  7. Create Your Own:

    1. Admin users have the ability to create their own custom item type for any desired input. Click here to learn more.

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