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How to become a Tuqqi champion in your organization?
How to become a Tuqqi champion in your organization?

Take the leadership on Tuqqi, and adopt it inside your organization.

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Good news! Your organization decided to put an end to your day-to-day messy environment - no need to work on multiple platforms anymore.

WELCOME TO TUQQI - one platform to manage and centralize all of your company's working processes, projects, tasks, knowledge, communication, and much more. Tuqqi will help you increase productivity, collaboration, and engagement among your employees.

Take this opportunity to be the Tuqqi champion who leads the onboarding and adoption in your company. Follow the steps below and become a Tuqqi expert:

  1. 👩🏻‍💻: Get to know the needs of your organization - Tuqqi is a cross-organizational platform, which means different teams/departments, different needs, and processes. As a Tuqqi champion, you will have to be familiar with the day-to-day work processes so you can customize the platform according to your needs and help adapt it easily. Customization of the platform mostly includes: opening a group and creating a workflow, designing and customizing a form, configuring users classification, etc. Also, feel free to explore our templates on our website.

  2. 🤓 Be known as the organizational Tuqqi expert: It is important that your colleagues know that you are there for any professional or technical questions related to Tuqqi. You are the first person contacted when they have any issues or need assistance. You are the Tuqqi expert that can provide the most professional consultancy on the platform. Exploring our knowledge base can help you find a lot of useful articles with many tips & tricks.

  3. 🔍 Monitor the system's usage - The system allows you to monitor users' activity throughout the organization, as well as by groups/projects/teams. For example, within the group, 'support call center,' where you track the status of every inquiry you receive from your customers, you can easily generate a report of the inquiries' statuses - opened, ongoing, and processed. You can also track the productivity of each user in real-time inside the group's dashboard as well as get some more in-depth analytics and insights on your target goals.

  4. 🛠: Encourage employees to adapt to the platform - After completing the first step of customizing the system, you will get a better insight into what activities have been adopted more than others by your company. We know it takes some time for people to adopt a new tool and that not everyone is excited to explore new things. Try to encourage them as much as you can, and insist that they will manage the working processes that are chosen by their management in the platform and avoid using other platforms (the ones that your organization decided to drop). For example, if your organization decided to use Tuqqi also as a CRM, then each new lead/customer will be created as a new item (customer card), then simply attach to it the relevant documents and tasks.

  5. 📚 Upload interesting content - Another way to get employees to adapt to the platform is to publish content that they will be able to find only inside the system. The social feed is a great place to share public news or company events coming up. It will bring the employees to scroll the feed, stay up to date and communicate on important content.

  6. 🏆 Create Periodic Use Challenge - You can set a periodic challenge for the employees. The more they use the system and adapt it, the more points they will receive, and the user with the highest score will get a nice reward in the spirit of their organization. 💪🏽

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