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How to share an item with limited members?
How to share an item with limited members?

You can share an item with a specific audience. You can use the audience selector to choose the list you want to share a post with.

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The system allows you to share information, from all types of items, with other users from your organization, in private, without the other users in the organization seeing the information.

1. Start sharing information by clicking on the "Start writing here…" box.

2. Select the type of content to share the information (post, article, file, etc.).

3. Chose the distribution of information item sharing to be "Private".

4. Publish the item by clicking on Publish.

5. Now select the users with whom you want to share the post by clicking on the menu for the item (three dots in the top-right). Search for users in the "Members" option.

6. Now change the distribution of the post to limited, by clicking on the "Move" option in the item menu.

7. Now the post will appear for all the users you shared the post to, note that their usernames have been added next to your name as partners in the post.

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