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The colors of the statuses in the group
The colors of the statuses in the group
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The statuses colors and meaning:

The default colors for the columns in the system are: red, orange and green.

When you open a new process management group, these colors will allow you to highlight the process steps within the group.

  • The colors red and orange will highlight a status so that the item is in progress/work.

  • The green color will highlight a finished/done status.

The colors also affect the display of the tasks in your "action center" on both the computer and mobile. So tasks that are in red or orange status will appear in your "action center".

How to create new statuses colors

The system administrator will be able to add colors and define a description for them that will match the processes in the organization.

To set new colors, go to the admin screen, choose the content management option.

In the screen that opens, click on "Create a new status color".

Choose the color, define a name for the status and a description, to explain to the group admins about the meaning of the color.

Now the new color will appear in the column color setting option in the group.

Please note, such as the red and orange color, also items that will be under statuses with the custom statuses colors, will appear in your Agenda and To Do in your Action Center and in your Ongoing Tasks view

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