The Home page in the groups
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All users will find a Home in the groups. This page will contain useful information for managing, working and navigating within the group.

In the central panel, you will find the group admins, linked items to the group, the group information and the description.

In case something is not clear enough, you can contact the group admins to determine who is responsible for the group management.

Items linked to the group probably contain data or information that could be useful to users in understanding how to work within that group. You'll be able to full view it in full if you have the permissions to do so.

The group information is some brief info you can see in the group

And the description is a text that the admins has written to explain the rest of the users some tips and useful data to work in the group. Whether it is for managing processes, projects, CRM data or whatever is the goal of the group.

In the right pane, you'll see the recent updates of the group automatically generated. The actions in the items that are in the group are sorted by cronological order

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