How to Save Messages

The system allows you to mark messages and save them for later viewing.

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This option is available in the computer chat as well as in Tuqqi Talk. You can mark the message in both the comments of the item and the chat screen.

Saving Messages on your Computer:

  • Click the chat icon at the top right of your screen

  • Navigate to the message you would like to save and hover your cursor over the message

  • Click the bookmark icon to the right of the message to save it

Clicking on it will add it to the list of messages that are important to you

If you go into your saved messages and hover over a message, you will see the original item

Save a comment on an item:

When using a computer, you can save messages that are in the comments section of the item.

When you hover over the message, click the bookmark icon to save it to your saved messages

Save messages on your mobile phone:

You can save messages on your phone through the Tuqqi Talk chat application.

  • Open one of your conversations in the chat

  • Hold down on the message you want to save

  • A menu on the bottom of the screen will appear where you can select the option to save the message

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