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How to manage a work process in a system
How to manage a work process in a system

How to turn almost any digital workflow into a system

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What is a work process?

  • A work process is defined as the sequence of actions to achieve a certain goal.

  • Each set of tasks that takes place in your organization includes multiple employees and requires them to work together.

How will you build a work process into the system?


  • Think about how it's happening today - what tools are you managing the process with.

  • Defining process steps - what are the statuses to monitor the process to produce a common language.

  • What information would you like to collect along the way – what information is important for you to collect at the beginning of the process and what you would like to see at the end. Customer management example - you will want to collect general information about the customer and what kind of service we will provide to them.

  • Think about follow-up processes - it's possible that a work process ends up splitting into different processes later on. For example - at the end of the process of "absorbing" your customers, you will want to manage the referrals, tasks and transactions related to them specifically.

  • People - which are the factors that participate in the work process.

Setting up a work process:

  • Develop a group in the system - let's manage the group in a Kanban view with which you can better see the progress of the process.

  • Set automatic steps and rules for the group - each column in Kanban will express a step (status) in your work process.

  • Build a suitable form - building the form will allow you to shape the exact content of your process, it will allow you to produce a uniform pattern of input of the information in the process and, finally, it will allow you to analyze the data from the information contained in it.

  • Create groups for follow-up processes - each group will allow you to manage a follow-up process related to the previous process. Creating one of our linked forms will allow for more accurate tracking. For example - attaching a customer inquiry to the customer's file allows you to track their inquiries over time.

  • Join the group of collaborators involved in the process.

We at Tuqqi are always available to help you adjust your work processes within the system.

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