Recurring Items

From Tuqqi, you can manage a task that repeats frequently over time.

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From the calendar or scheduler view in groups, or from your personal calendar or organizational scheduler, when you hover over an item, you'll see the three-dot menu. The first option will be "Recurring"

  1. First, you need to select the frequency: whether this item will repeat daily, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly.

  2. Next, determine until when this item will repeat. It can be set to repeat up to 10 times at maximum. By default, the system will select the last possible date on the calendar, but this can be manually modified.

  3. Upon selecting the create button, copies of the original item will be generated. The fields, members, checklists, and labels will remain the same. The status will be set to the initial state in the group. The date, obviously, will have the same duration as the original item but in accordance with the selected recurrence.

Afterward, each item will be independent of the others. Each will have its own status, comments, and when edited, it will only affect the specific item being worked on and not the one from which the copy was made.

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