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Assign a datatype to a group
Assign a datatype to a group

What is the 'Select default group' field in the creation of a datatype?

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It is possible to create a datatype that will be published in a certain group by default.

How do you assign a data type to a specific group and what is its advantage? We will demonstrate this in an example:

In this example, a custom form called 'Customer info' has been created. To make this data type appear in a certain group by default, proceed as follows:

1) From the Admin menu go to the 'Inptu Settings' section and look for the appropriate data type under the section labeled 'Mappings'.

2) Go to the 'Select default group' field and find the corresponding group in the drop-down menu. When searching for your group note that it is case sensitive, meaning make sure that you use capital letters when needed. Finally, save the changes and exit.

According to this example, when the 'Customer info' datatype is selected, the item will go to the group 'Customers' by default. This can be seen in the images below.

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