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What options does the system give me to view my tasks? How to adjust task statuses and colors in different columns in the groups?

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Tuqqi allows you to manage your daily routine efficiently and conveniently by accessing personal and shared tasks on the main screen. The system centralizes information from all the workgroups we are members of, highlighting those tasks that are still in progress under a red or orange column. It presents them in the "To Do" list, categorized by groups.

Pending tasks are automatically consolidated in the task screen according to the color of the associated column in the Kanban view.

The division is based on default system colors - red, orange, and green - representing the progress stages analogous to a traffic light:

- Red centralizes the tasks that need attention.

- Orange centralizes the tasks in progress.

- Green represents completed tasks.

Setting the column colors in your workgroup is the key tool for accessibility and task integration.

Your system administrator can define additional colors that match your organization's workflow processes. You can read more about it here.

Several task viewing options are available:

1) Action Center

At the top right of the home screen, you can stay updated on tasks waiting for your attention. In the "Agenda" tab, tasks are organized based on the nearest due date and their status color. In the "To Do" tab, you can see all your tasks, including those without a due date.

For more information about the Action Center, click here.

You can customize the display order of groups in the "My Tasks" screen by selecting the desired groups with a star to make them preferred groups.

2) My Page

Access the menu on the left side of the main screen and go to "My Page." Scroll down in the small left navigation window and select the "My Tasks" option (ongoing tasks).

All tasks will be arranged according to the color of the associated column and separated by their matching group.

3) My Reports

You can access the "My Reports" screen through the "My Page" menu or by clicking on the "My Reports" option in the system menu.

The report view allows you to see information about all ongoing tasks displayed as records in a table. The displayed fields allow you to update task status, collaborators, creation date, title, and additional information by scrolling right on the screen to access other options.

By default, this screen displays tasks in red, orange or any custom color, but you can filter and search by additional fields and also by the green color representing completed tasks.

Clicking on the content type allows you to choose the specific form from which you want to extract information.

You can export items to a report using the download button on the right side of the screen.

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