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What options does the system give me to view my tasks? How to adjust task statuses and colors in different columns in the groups?
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With the color configuration option in the columns of the groups, you can easily visualize in the different Tuqqi menus, the tasks you are in charge of and must complete.

Making an analogy with a traffic light, we will logically assign a red color to the column of tasks to be done, orange color to the column of tasks in progress, and green color to the column of completed tasks.

Tuqqi presents different sections to locate the tasks to be done:

1) TO DO option in the Main Feed

In the right section, the TO DO menu shows all the tasks that the user is in charge of. Separated by each of the groups, the name of the task and the colored circle of the status (column) are shown.

2) My Page

Within this section, in the left menu, we can see our tasks in the "Ongoing Tasks" option. All tasks will be sorted by the color of the column, separated by the corresponding group.

3) My Reports

In the same menu, in the My Reports view you will see all the task information in a table. The table will show the basic details such as the title, creation date, etc. By default, this view applies a colored search filter, displaying the red and orange columns since the system interprets them as the most important tasks that need to be performed in the shortest possible time.

It is worth mentioning that the search filters in the My Reports view can be changed at any time.

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