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Motivate your employees to share their professional knowledge with others. Do it in a fun and easy way with the knowledge challenge and reward the winners.
To activate and manage the challenge, you have to navigate to the scoreboard page from the admin menu.

From the scoreboard page, you can review the active challenges, review the knowledge level of your employees and manage the challenge points.

Start a new challenge:
Click on the new challenge button and set up the following:

  • Title of the challenge

  • Time interval of the challenge

  • Description of the challenge

  • The rewards for the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

Manage the points:
Define and manage the points calculation:

  • Number of points an employee will gain on every knowledge item they publish

  • Number of points an employee gets when others are using the knowledge they published

  • Activities in the system

A scoreboard of user activity can be managed in this system.

On this screen, you can manage the points that each user receives according to their type of action in the system. In addition, you can set a "periodic challenge" on the number of points the users receive during that time period and reward the users.

This screen can be used mainly for:

  1. Assigning the number of points versus the type of activity in the system.

  2. View the score levels in the organization and how many users are at the same level.

  3. Making the "periodic challenge".

Main actions that can be performed on this screen:

  1. Adjust the desired points for each type of activity.

  2. Adjust the periodic challenge of your organization, with the desired amount of points and with the prize for the winner of the challenge.

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