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Getting Started with Tuqqi
Navigating the Tuqqi Homepage
Navigating the Tuqqi Homepage

How to navigate the homepage

Written by Aly Grodsky
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Navigating the Homepage: The Tuqqi homepage is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

On the left side column, you’ll find a list of options to take you to various parts of the platform.

  1. Feed’ refers to the column made up of items, which is updated in real-time, and is displayed at the center of your Tuqqi home screen. Here, you will find anything posted by members of your Tuqqi System. This feature is meant to keep you up to date on everything going on in your company.

  2. ‘My Page’ takes you to your personal feed which consists of any items that pertain to you. This includes past items you have created, items you are tagged in, items you need to interact with, and more.

  3. ‘Favorites’ is a tab where all of the items you favorited are stored. You can favorite an item by clicking the bookmark-shaped icon on the top right of any item.

  4. Library’ is a place where you can find virtually anything on the Tuqqi platform. You have access to different views of all the groups, items, and trending topics. Additionally, you can view all the contacts saved on Tuqqi including employee information.

  5. Org Chart’ takes you to a tree of employees and their prospective departments, positions, and serves as a layout of the chain of command.

  6. Help Center’ is a space to find the answers to any of your questions or difficulties. You will find a library of articles to help make using Tuqqi more efficient and effective.

  7. Group’ will lead you to a pop-up window that displays all the groups you are a part of and have created.

  8. 'Subscribed' takes you to a pop-up page that gives you access to all profiles and topics you have subscribed to.

    On the right side of your screen, you will see four different features

  9. ‘To Do’ is a section where all of your tasks will be shown. To make a task show up on the To Do list you need to give the item a due date.

    b. When you add a ‘Due Date’ to any item you have created or have been tagged in, it will show up on your ‘To do’ drop-down menu on your home page.

    1. In order to mark something on your ‘To do’ list as complete, you need to enter the item and click the box next to the due date so that it turns purple with a check.

  10. ‘Events’ is a section where upcoming events will appear. Coming Soon!

  11. The 'ScoreBoard' is a feature to measure activity amongst users on Tuqqi. Points earned can be customized by admins.

12. The 'Trending' section is a place to keep up to date with topics that are currently trending amongst the users within your Tuqqi system.

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