How to set a Due Date

How to set up a reminder for an information item in the system

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You can set a reminder deadline for each information item in the system.

  1. Share new information on items or select an existing information item in the system.

  2. Expand the information item for full viewing.

  3. The session menu on the info item is shown on the top right.

  4. Clicking on the Due date option will open a window > double-click on the writing bar> in the open window set the desired date and time> the reminder will appear on the information item.

5. The system will send you a reminder of the information item, 24 hours in advance, and on time. You will receive the reminder by notification on the system and by phone, as well as by email.

You can see the details of the information for which a due date has been set using the clock icon in the Kanban view.

When the task is completed, click on the small square to the left of the due date, the clock will automatically change to the green color that symbolizes for us that the task has been performed.

Repeat reminder

The system allows you to set regular reminders for information by clicking on the tab under the due date setting.

pay attention!

The system will automatically set the next reminder date, as long as you indicate that the reminder has ended, as shown above.

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