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Introduction to your Organizational Library
Introduction to your Organizational Library

Manage all your organizational knowledge in one place

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The system automatically manages all of the knowledge of your organization and organizes it by topics, categories, and groups. At any time, you can navigate into your organizational library and easily find what you are looking for.

In your organizational library you can find:

  1. Topics - the topics are pre-defined by the Admin of your organization. The system auto-tags every new item uploaded into the system and puts it under relevant topics.

  2. Type of data - search for knowledge easily by the type of the data (post, media, event, file, contact and etc.).

  3. Groups - check out all the open groups within your organization and easily join them. 

  4. Colleagues - check out all the active members in your organization and navigate to their personal channels.

  5. Trends - check out the most trending item being posted.

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