You as an Admin, have the ability to add a new user or edit the info of an existing user.

Simply navigate to the Admin screen by clicking on 'Admin' on the left menu bar on the main screen: 

Welcome to the Admin page!
As you can see, you have many powerful tools to manage the platform, manage your team, and get a high-level view of the different activities within the platform. Those options will be explained in detail on the relevant article topic.

By clicking on 'Manage Users,' you will be able to review all the users within your organization:

Add a new user:
Click on the 'ADD USER' button on the top right.
A pop-up window will open and you will ask to type the info of the new user

  • Username - the name to tag (@) the user in the system.

  • User include in challenge - decide if the user will be able to participate in the knowledge competition of the organization/team.

Edit User:
You can click on any of the existing users and edit their details: name, title, user role (admin, regular, or viewer), user classification, and more. When you are done editing, simply click on the 'save changes' button in the top right.

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