When you open a group, the system will ask you to choose the access level for the group, if you select a closed group there are three possible group permissions. In this article, we will discuss how to use a classified group.

An explanation of how to open a group can be read here.

In a classified group there are two types of users:

Unclassified member - can see all the posts in the group and even edit them

Classified member - can only see the posts they have been added to as an editor.

When you select the users that will be in the group, you select the permission level for each user individually, as shown in the image below.

A classified group is suitable for managing a number of different work processes:

1. Customer Inquiry Management - Inquiries will be synced to a dedicated group. The admin will be responsible for assigning inquiries among the members of the group. The admin will be able to see all inquiries while the members of the group will only be able to see the inquiry assigned to them

2. Service call management.

3. Lead management - Creates one group where we manage all the leads of an organization but still creates a separation between the sales representatives so that each one will see only their leads. The sales manager can see all the open leads and the overall process being conducted.

4. Managing Work Teams - Creates a team hierarchy with a manager who supervises everyone, assigning tasks to team leaders, who will pass the task to the employees on their team. That way, each employee only sees their own task, avoiding the clutter of all the other tasks

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