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Why use (#)Tags? How do you use it efficiently?
Why use (#)Tags? How do you use it efficiently?

Tags (#) will simply organize your work and make sure your feed is updated with relevant topics

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Why use (#)Tags? 

Tuqqi's Artificial Intelligence algorithm automatically tags every type of article/data that is uploaded to the system. Tags work like keywords or labels that make it easy to organize your work:

  1. Provides advanced search within the system.

  2. Allows every user to categorize and prioritize data in the system.

  3. Tuqqi updates the user feed with the most relevant articles according to the user's interests.

How to #Tag?

  1. The Admin in your organization has the ability to manage the keywords and labels in the system. He can easily upload a bulk of tags via the user preference menu.
    The system will then set up the tags automatically (If necessary, you can contact Tuqqi support and we will be more than happy to assist you on this).

  2. You can write in the comments of an item the relevant #tag name you would like this item to be assigned to. In the case of a tag with more than one word, you should type "xxx_yyy," with an underscore in place of the space, and once you confirm it, it will be highlighted in blue. 

You can review the tags label for an article by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner (right side menu) and clicking on Tags. Every type of article in the system is categorized into tags by our algorithm and provides the user with a better workplace and saves time when searching for a specific topic.   

A view of the many tags this article has been categorized into: 

The last step is to follow the relevant tags that are the most relevant to you. By clicking on a tag you will navigate to the tag profile and there you can choose to follow it by clicking on the subscribe button. 

The system will notify you every time an article with this tag name has been uploaded or modified. 

In addition to that, you can also follow a user within your organization so that you will get a notification on every activity this user does in the system. Just click on the user image and click 'Subscribe.'

By clicking 'Subscribed' on your home page on the left menu, you will be able to review all the tags you follow.

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