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Condition Fields in data type
Condition Fields in data type
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When customizing a data type, you have the option to create a 'Condition field'. This feature allows for fields to be hidden unless a certain response is given in a previous field. It makes the appearance of some fields dependent on the answers to others.

For example, let's say there is a question field asking "have you done work with this customer before?" The member will be able to either select "yes" or "no." If "yes" is selected, then another question field will appear asking "how many times?" If they had selected "no," no other fields would appear.

This example is shown in the images below.

General Steps

1) Within the editing page of the data type you want to edit, scroll to 'Add Field.' You must add all of the fields, both conditional and not. Then, select the field that you want to be hidden until a specific response is given.

2) Once in the field, you will be given the option to enable 'Condition field?' Enable this and fill out the information. In 'Condition source field' select the field that you want the current field to be in response to. For this example, it will be the 'Previous Experience with Customer' field. In 'Condition field value' write the response that will open this field. In this case, it will be "yes."

3) We now see the result of the form. As shown in the following image, when choosing the "no" option, the item does not open any new fields. However, when choosing the "yes" option, the conditionally created field appears:

This conditionality can be extended infinitely, with the possibility of the conditioned fields also opening new conditional fields. This process will depend on the type of information uploaded and the content of the form in question.

Consider, also, that more than one value can be set to "condition" a field. To do this, you must separate the values with the symbol ; (semi-colon).

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