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Automate your work on Tuqqi with Zapier

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Please note the inputs of the following fields when you integrate with Zapier:

  • Unique ID - to use when you want items to be updated every time there is an integration task.

    *** Please note that there is a unique ID for every item in order to make it easier to update it in Zapier. The manager chooses what the unique ID will be for the data type.

  • Activity Description - description of a single integration task.

  • Title - the title of the item.

  • Text - the description of the item.

  • URL - link field of the item.

  • Date - the date of the item.

  • Source - by default or if using custom input use "userpost", if not create a new source with user impersonalization.

  • Data Type - use the default data types of the platform / use the name you chose for the custom input data type.

    • Article Reference Code = "htmlwysiwyg"

  • Display Parameter - (optional) Group UID - if you want to send to a specific group.

  • Use Current User as Author - if YES, the user you logged in with Zapier will be the posting user, if you choose no, we will use the User Impersonalization feature.

  • Import As - the field to use when you use the user impersonalization (by default without user impersonalization use your login email).

  • Public - if you want the item to be public or private.

  • Parameters JSON - to use when mapping fields to custom input (here is a video on how to find the JSON data parameters).

Please note: when using JSON make sure that your JSON is parsed, JSON that isn't parsed will show the JSON in the text of the item without getting the custom fields parameters.

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