In order to communicate with colleagues on your mobile device, download ‘Tuqqi Talk’. This is a separate app we have developed specifically for our website's chat feature.

  1. Please download our Tuqqi Talk app, it's free and available in your App store: simply search for the 'Tuqqi Talk' App.

  2. A chat will open once the first comment is shared on a post. The next member who comments on the post will be automatically added to the chat.

    1. Basic Features

      1. From the three dots menu on the top right of the chat screen, you can easily navigate to the original post by clicking on "Go to item".

      2. If you tag (@) another colleague on the post, they will get a notification and will be added to the chat.

      3. The chat is a full reflection of the post comments.

      4. By clicking on the pencil icon on the top right of the main Tuqqi Talk screen, you will be able to open a private chat with a colleague you choose from the list.

        You can add another user to the discussion by tagging them in the post, just write "@" and their name in English. As soon as you post the comment, the user will be notified and will be able to join the chat.

        Each comment that was written in the chat also appears in the comments in the original post.

        Clicking on the plus icon at the top left of the screen will allow you to open a private conversation with one user of your choice from the list of users in the system.

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