The system makes it possible to create a connection (integration) with external systems, with the help of various connection applications such as Zapier or by connection via an API.

In this screen you can match each user in the system his email to his identity (ID) in the external system. So that the information that enters from the external system will be adapted to the user name (email) in the system and will be displayed in a way that is compatible with the relevant user.

This screen can be used mainly for:

  • Manage the identification of users in the organization by their email to an external system.

  • Defining the entry of information from an external system by user in the organization.

  • Main actions that can be performed on this screen:

  • Defining a new source of information.

  • Matching a user in the system to his identity (ID) in the external system.

Important highlights:

  • Integration settings for external systems are made in the process of building the work environment or through dedicated applications or with the help of an API.

  • There is an article in the system that explains the integration process.

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