Welcome to Tuqqi!

As a Tuqqi Admin, you'll configure the platform settings and your organizational work environment.
Find below the basics you need to know when first setting up Tuqqi:

  1. Share a post - write a post and publish it in the feed as public for everybody.

  2. Invite users - invite additional users to use the system.

  3. Organizational library - manage your organizational library and define topics and keywords.

  4. Knowledge sharing - set up a knowledge challenge among your employees/team and motivate them to share professional knowledge in the system.

  5. Open a group - open a group to manage a specific project or manage your team/department (finance, marketing, R&D) and invite the relevant members.

  6. Read & confirm post - publish a read & confirm post/article.

  7. Write a comment and tag a user - leave a comment on the post you already published (step 1) and tag your colleague

  8. Subscribe and follow a knowledge channel - navigate into a knowledge channel that fits your interests and start following it.

  9. Tuqqi App - download the Tuqqi app from the Play Store/App Store, log into your account, review the feed, and navigate into one of your groups.

  10. Tuqqi Talk - download the Tuqqi Talk app on your mobile phone and chat with your colleagues.

Our knowledge center is available for you with a lot of useful articles and our best practices. Also, if you have any questions feel free to contact us directly - simply click on the Chat Bot located on the bottom-left of your screen for 24/7 support. 

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