You can choose which view you want to view your information in the group. The group has three options available: feed, table/report, and kanban. When you open the group you will set the default view of the group. While on the group screen you can navigate between the different views by clicking on the desired view in the menu on the left.

This screen can be used mainly for:

In the reports view, you will see all the data of the information details spread out in the form of a table, the data of the creation and change, the label attached to the item, the status of the item from the kanban, reminders, and more.

This view allows you to filter the information by the type of information item shared (article, link, file, etc.).

In addition, when you view templates (templates built in your system) you can define the fields from the template you want to see and therefore focus your viewing on the data.

Main actions that can be performed on this screen:

  • Filter information according to the format in which the information is shared.

  • Filtering fields in templates.

  • Export a report to Excel or CSV format according to the data view you selected.

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