Any organization or company is usually divided into areas or departments. In each of them, specific tasks relevant to the area in question are performed.
For example, a typical department might be:

  • Marketing 

  • HR 

  • R&D 

  • Finance 

  • Customers

Using Tuqqi's system, you can add all the information of each of your departments in a simple way, creating a group for each one of them. Of course, you can create groups for any other purpose in your company: for example, if you have to deal with certain or specific issues with a particular set of people.
In addition, inter-disciplinary work is almost a must in several companies. When you want to close gaps in the organization, you bring everyone to the same platform.
Imagine the Marketing and Finance departments working together. For example, if the Marketing area develops a campaign on the streets to promote a new product, that campaign will have a certain budget. Then, it will be Finance that will authorize the money or say how much is really available for the campaign.
Last, and with the purpose to present the best way to organize items and information, Tuqqi has three possible ways to show items in a group: 

The first one is FEED VIEW, perhaps the least formal way of presenting information, but the most interactive. Here, users can interact through an interface similar to those of social networks, sharing knowledge with each other, on topics related or not to the daily work in the company:

Second, you have TABLE VIEW, the classic list mode, where all posts are ordered according to different criteria. It is an alternative to the FEED VIEW for less formal groups:

Finally, we present KANBAN VIEW, the more interesting way to present information. KANBAN is the Japanese word for "sign". The general premise is the division of items in columns which allows you to identify, in a fast and efficient way, in which state a certain task is in that is developing in our company. KANBAN view is perhaps the most appropriate way to organize the work since more formality is required and there are more structured and important tasks that must be organized in the most efficient way.

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