You as an Admin within the system have the ability to create and customize forms according to your organization/team workflow needs.

To create a new template or customize an existing one, navigate to the Admin screen by clicking on 'Admin' on the left menu bar on the main screen: 

Welcome to the Admin page!
As you can see, you have many powerful tools to manage the platform, manage your team, and get a high-level view of the different activities within the platform. Those options will be explained in detail on the relevant article topic. Let's continue with our topic... how to customize a form?

By clicking on 'Data Types' on the Admin page you will be navigated directly to the 'Custom Input Mappings' screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'New Mapping'.

General form configuration:

Start building your own form and type the following details:
Icon - dedicated icon for each form.
Input title - the form name.
Data Type - unique source name (type the 'input title,' substituting spaces for underscores, and also use lowercase letters).
Description - provide a short description of this form.

Scroll down the page and continue to configure the form by deciding what other features would you like to include in this form. Enable/Disable the features according to your needs.

Advanced workflow customization -
To activate and build a dedicated business workflow, please contact our customer support. Our experts will be happy to hear your needs, consult, and provide you with the best practice.

You've completed configuring the form settings, the next step is to design & customize the form layout and add the relevant fields for each row/section.

Customize the form layout:

The form is structured by rows/sections. It means that you can have multiple rows within one form, but you will need to create at least one row in order to customize the fields for it.

For example:
In the screenshot below there are three rows: POC, Budget, and Tracker. The next step is to customize each one of the rows with the relevant fields.

Create a row -
To create a row click on 'Add Row'...

As mentioned, at least one row should be created in order to proceed with the form fields customization. 

You can leave the row title empty and just click on 'ADD' at the bottom. If you want a row title, simply type the title description (see Title), the required alignments (see Align), the text color (see Color) the header size (see Variant), and other options are available that you can enable/disable.

Row's fields -
Now you will customize the fields under this row. Simply click on 'Add Fields' under a specific row...

The following pop-up window will open:

Type the field name that will be displayed on the form, select the type (Text, number, date, drop-down, etc.) and in the 'source value' space simply copy the field name with lowercase letters and no spaces (use underscores instead).

FYI, if you select a simple-select or multi-select field type, you will type the different selection options as shown in the screenshot below:


Preview (on the feed) -
The last step is to configure what fields will be displayed on the main feed as a preview for the entire form when it's created or modified.

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